Client Reviews in Chicagoland

Work Done: Chimney Repair

"I received an estimate on Thursday with an explanation of what needed to be repaired. The work was completed on the following Tuesday. They went above and beyond the services originally quoted."

11/17/2016 – Mary Lou Sipple

Work Done: Replaced Roof, Gutters and Fascia

"The crew was prompt. They began on time and completed the entire project in two days. This included a complete tear off and repair of roofing substrate. And even when it rained they waited to make sure the job would be done on time then cleaned up so well that you wouldn't know they were there. Tony was great, he stayed in contact to make sure I was pleased and came after the job was done to make sure it was up to his standards. Great job by this company and the service warranty is an added bonus."

09/26/2016 – Terrell Andrews

Work Done: Residential Tuckpointing

"The whole experience was handled professionally and politely. They were prompt, responsive, and did what they said they would do. They were willing to work with me and only do the parts of the brick that were in bad shape and were willing to have me inspect and point out any additional areas I wanted done before finishing. They were also willing to work me on combining cash and credit card payments."

07/05/2016 – Gary Madaras

Work Done: Chimney Tuckpointing

"Had chimney tuckpointed,home and garage roof t/o and replaced. Tuckpointers came a few days before roof was to be done. Bob and Mike showed up early, protected where work was to be done including where they mixed the mortar on the street did a great job on chimney and went above and beyond by patching and repairing several stress cracks on,and around the house.Jim Anderson the sales rep then cancelled roof work by one day due to rainy weather forecast, it was appreciated. The roofing crew showed up, protected homes in both sides if me,my deck and shrubbery tore off house and garage, reroofed both, cut in new vents,replaced any bad wood,flashed chimney with new flashing above bay window, they had a 8 man crew and we're done in one day."

04/15/2016 – Philip Reilly

Work Done: Chimney Rebuild

"We were satisfied with this project. The quote was a little higher than other companies but it came with a 5 year warranty which was a longer time period than others. Additionally, other companies didn't want to rebuild the whole chimney from the roofline up and we wanted that done. They were prompt in finishing the work and communication was also good. We had some questions about using our fireplace, which they were happy to help answer a few months later. Recently our rain guard came off in the high winds (this is common) and they came out to put it back on."

03/01/2016 – Julia Strehlow

Work Done: Flat Roof Replacement, Lumber Inspection & Installation, Gutters

"Great. Jim from Kerry arrived shortly after my inquiry and provided a same day quote for the work. I was anxious to repair the roof after some leaking in the winter, so I was very appreciative of the quick response. The quote was fair in my opinion for the work done and was much lower than another provider quoted me. The work was completed three days after it was quoted and completed in a half day. So far (a month later) as is well with no leaks and a noticeably warmer back room due to the insulation installed."

02/02/2016 – Karl Liebenauer

Work Done: Complete Tear-off and Reroof

I called and spoke with Tony Montoro about an estimate on another property I own for a complete Tear-off and Reroof. He responded quickly and arrived at that location the next day on time. The estimate was a great price. The crew arrived on time and was very professional and helpful. Tony kept me informed on the work progression. The crew did an excellent clean up job. I'm very pleased with the work performed. I'm a repeat customer.

04/30/2015 – Willie Wright

Work Done: Cap Flower Bed Replacement

"Beautiful job. The cap on the flower bed was crumpling and was detracting from the curb appeal of the house. I had no idea what I was going to do to solve the problem I was afraid I would have to tear the flower bed out which I hated to do because it was original to the house. Once the job was complete it looked brand new and made such a difference in the look of the front of the house. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to neighbors and friends."

04/25/2013 – Patricia Lucid

Work Done: Removed Existing Cracked & Deteriorated Patio and Sidewalk

"Pierce Power returned my contact request promptly and we set up a date/time for an estimate. He was on time and had a written estimate e-mailed to me the same day. We had additional questions after that regarding the downspouts which we wanted buried under the new sidewalk as previously they poured onto it. We also were concerned about recovering the lines that ran from our air conditioner and generator to the house. Pierce was quick to respond to all our questions and handled the issues accordingly. He had his crew bury the downspouts as we requested and also left trenches the length of a brick open for the lines. We were very pleased with his promptness including dealing with the city to get the permit which was around $100 and added onto the total cost. We found the overall price to be well under others that we had bid. The job was done quickly and everything looks great. We're very happy and would recommend this company to others."

05/22/2011 – Jennifer Lucarelli

Work Done: Chimney Repair

"We had some minor flooding in the basement that we suspected came from the chimney. I called on a Monday and the guy was here on Wednesday, at the agreed time. As soon as he saw the chimney he could tell that the flooding was probably due to the age of the cap (it was patched at several places; all work done by previous owners). After checking a few things, he gave us an estimate. We thought it was a bit expensive, but we were willing to pay for it, and he had very good reports on Angie's list. They came to do the work early Friday morning (they would have on Thursday, but couldn't due to rain). They worked all day Friday and Saturday until 3pm or so. It turned out to be a lot of work: the old cap was very big, and they spent hours knocking it down. Once that was done, the rest of the work went pretty smoothly. Both workers were pretty nice all the time. I'm pretty nosy about these things; they never seemed annoyed at my questions and were always willing to explain what they were doing. The boss was also there part of the time, and kept us informed all the time of the work being done. They also did a very good job cleaning up. It's hard to tell if it actually worked (flooding only happens with very heavy rain or snow), but I'd be very surprised if it didn't. The chimney looks great. After seeing how much work they actually had to do, I thought the price was pretty fair. Although the older cap was much larger than usual, which gave them more work than expected, the final price matched the estimate."

02/01/2010 – Karlos Arregui-Urbina

Work Done: Complete Chimney Rebuild

"He returned my call quickly, came out to look at the chimney the next day and completed the work the following week. He told me a small repair I could do myself. After they left I noticed his helper had put a little masonry over a small area of the foundation where he must have seen a crack."

08/04/2009 – Dana Cortez